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#31Days: Day Thirty (or, thoughts on your best)

I’m not even sure what my ‘best’ is. Are you?

I’ve seen many inspirational posters focused on giving your best and most articles about careers encourage you to do your best. What is “your best” though? One thing I know is my best is not consistent.

And I think this is OK.

What I mean is, my best one day may look like a completed to-do list but my best another day may only have two items crossed off, both of which I paid more attention to than the day I crossed off ten items. Which is the best? Depends.

I think your best is whatever version of you suits the occasion and offers up your truest self. 

Today, I looked back on the month of early mornings to determine the ‘best’ use of my time (which is how I got to this post.) I decided, though, there is no best use. I did a variety of things, as I said I would, and each of them were perfectly suited for the day at hand. Some days were decidedly more productive in terms of maximizing time – I did dishes 5 times, worked out twice, did laundry twice. Some days I rested, meaning I woke up at 6, quietly shuffled to the couch and laid there in silence. I read some books, wrote about lonely hearts, danced once. Is it important to decide which day was the best? I don’t think so, because each day was exactly what it was.

I’d like to apply this transcendent attitude to all aspects of my life, giving myself a break on days when my workout isn’t so great, or work doesn’t go smoothly. Also, maybe I could apply it to friends and family – it’s ok you’re not giving me your best, because that doesn’t so much exist but you do and I appreciate you sharing life with me.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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